Be ready for the all-electric version of the BMW i8!

06/23/2016 14:29:55
Be ready for the all-electric version of the BMW i8!
The German automakers plan to turn the i8 model from a hybrid to an all-electric vehicle.

The German car brand BMW is famous for their luxury vehicles and for the best driver dynamics they offer. Now they are working on building a battery-powered i8 sports car, which could go fully electric.



It has been claimed, that the new i8 model will be powered by three brushless electric motors. One of them will power the front wheels and the rest two of them will take care of the rear wheels. Each of them will likely deliver 268 hp. The German automakers plan to maintain the current weight of the car, which is 1,485 kg, although they are going to use a much bigger battery pack. It could enable up to 249 miles of range.



The renewed version of the i8 model will have some improvements, such as a new 26Ah LI ion battery – 6Ah. The BMW automakers also discussed the usage of a Qualcomm inductive charging system. It has been claimed that its 7.2kWh operating power will be doubled from the current 3.6kWh plug-in setup. The new generation of the BMW is scheduled for 2018, but still it's difficult to establish the exact release date.


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