Winter tires - better narrow or wide?

10/23/2015 17:21:02
Winter tires - better narrow or wide?
We want actually to figure out what is best to choice for winter tires: wide, narrow or medium size?

An unsuitable size for tires can lead to a negative result while driving, especially in cool weather.

We want actually to figure out what is best to choice for winter tires: wide, narrow or medium size?We took a Volkswagen Golf and two sets of wheels, with different sizes. We tested them on acceleration and braking on the snow and on ice. First gear, soft start, and harshly press the gas pedal to the floor. The ESP system limits wheel spin, and on reaching 45 km / h - beep, giving me a command to brake. Now press the middle pedal and ABS are doing all the work for me. Due to this, the reproduced data are obtained. For a 700-foot snow line runs ten acceleration and braking. Acceleration are measuring up to 45 km / h and the brake - a 44 km / h to 5 km / h.

After that we tested it how it handles on the snow and on ice

The results are:
Narrow tires lead to sudden disruptions in the turns on the snow, but on the ice they are very obediently. The high profile of the 65th with a large slip will cause the wheel to turn at a greater angle, even under normal turns. These tires, we recommend only for vehicles with ESP, driving on the snow you need to manage it very careful.

Medium size has no negative result either on snow or ice. If your car's weight is 1205 kg this is good to make it's behavior understandable.

Wide Tires completely failed the test. Large surface contact area resulted a low pressure on the ice due to the low weight of the car of 1205 kg. We do not recommend installing the wide and low-profile tires for the winter. But it is your choice! 


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