BMW i8 Roadster: quiet and calm

07/05/2017 00:02:08
BMW i8 Roadster: quiet and calm
BMW will be building a roadster version of its BMW i8 next year, and we're pretty sure the electrifying performance will be very similar to the coupe

There are many car enthusiasts around the world who really like the idea of BMW i8, but they don’t actually love the roof of it. Well, exactly for these people BMW will be building a roadster version next year. We're pretty sure the electrifying performance will be very similar to the coupe, so we’re talking about an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph and a 0-62mph time of 4.4 seconds.



The roadster might lose a couple of tenths to the hardtop, but it shouldn’t be any less rigid or agile – the carbon-tubbed i8 was designed to have coupe and roadster variants from the start. Cosmetically, not much has been changed from the coupe, but the roadster has earned a pair of lovely buttresses. The roof seems to be more of a targa arrangement than a traditional folding canopy, and we think we spot a new alloy wheel design too.



In most sports cars and supercars, one of the main reasons to whip the roof away is to have the full engine experience singing straight into your ears, but, um, you won’t get much of that with the i8. A 228bhp 1.5-petrol engine holds hands with a 129bhp electric motor (a power increase is expected), so most of the time it’ll be quiet and calm. Not necessarily a bad thing…


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